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Water gun water gun 56cm blue

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A fantastic water gun that will guarantee a huge amount of outdoor fun. The toy perfectly develops the child's manual skills. Material: plastic. Dimensions of the toy: 56x10cm. Length of the gun when fully filled: 96cm.


It's time for a water battle!

A fantastic water gun that will provide lots of fun and a bit of cooling off on hot days! The product will be perfect for summer fun with friends in the bulkhead, pool or beach.

In addition, in addition to a lot of fun, it will allow the child to develop manual skills and encourage outdoor play.

Made with attention to every detail, which means that it will successfully survive many a water war. And the bright colors will successfully catch everyone's attention.

The shape, which resembles a real weapon, will stimulate the imagination of children and allow them to feel like a real commando, but with safe ammunition - water. You can be sure that the toy will provide plenty of endless entertainment.

Ideal to cool down on hot days by organizing a water battle!

A perfect toy for children of all ages, but also for adults. After all, everyone likes to have fun!

How it works.

The gun is filled by sucking in water. And shooting is done by pushing the water with the handle.

1 ... 2 ... 3!

Let the battle begin!

Number of containers: 4

Plastic: plastic

Color: blue + green + orange


  • Gun: 56cm x 10cm

  • Total length after filling the tanks: 96cm

  • Length of handle: 11cm

  • Packaging: 54cm x 10cm

Packed in a net.

: KX5131_1
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