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Children's soccer goal 2-in-1 185x120x70cm

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A 2-in-1 soccer goal - one large one that can be converted into two smaller ones. It comes with a ball and a pump. Playing ball has many health benefits and lots of fun. Large goal: 70x185x120 cm. Small goal: 62x94x71 cm.


We all know that sport is health, but sometimes encouraging your child to move can be difficult! The right soccer goals will certainly help him! Such training goals will provide a lot of fun right under the house!

Football goals will also be perfect if your family has a rising soccer star! Foldable goals will allow him to practice at any free moment!

You can put portable soccer goals anywhere in your backyard! Ba, they don't even require much space for you to start playing!

Thanks to the modular design, when assembled, you will have one large soccer goal or two small goals - this will allow you to adapt to the dimensions and type of playground! Dimensions in the large option are as much as 185 cm wide by 120 cm high!

The goal frame is made of very durable plastic, so the goals have great strength and will resist the attacks of even the fiercest attacker!

The construction of the soccer goal consisting of simple tubes and durable connectors will allow you to quickly assemble and transport the goal when needed! In addition, the construction is simple enough that even a child can handle the folding!

You will attach the goals to the ground using the included pegs! So you are sure that they will not squat even during the most intense match!

To be able to start the fun immediately after unpacking, in the carton you will find not only football goals, but also a soccer and a pump!

Maybe this will be the beginning of a great football adventure for your child!

Main features of the goal:

  • Depending on your needs you will create two small goals or one big one!

  • The dimensions of the large goal are up to 185 cm by 120 cm!

  • Simple assembly will allow you to start playing in no time!

  • When folded, they take up little space, making the goals easy to store!

  • The goal frame is made of durable material!

Material: plastic

Set contents:

  • Components for assembling the goal (1 large or 2 small)

  • Ball

  • Pump


  • Large goal: 70 cm x 185 cm x 120 cm

  • Small goal: 62 cm x 94 cm x 71 cm

  • Packaging: 90 cm x 21 cm x 7 cm

Product packaged in an aesthetically pleasing cardboard box.

: KX4875
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