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Pusher on a stick with sound octopus

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An adorable pusher on a stick in the form of a charming octopus will be the child's companion when taking his first steps. In addition, with the movement of the pusher, the tentacles begin to move and the sound of a bell can be heard. Material: plastic. Dimensions: 12,5x17cm.

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Taking the first steps is an important moment in a toddler's development, so why not make this stage more pleasant with a colorful toy that will encourage movement!

The stick pusher is a toy that your child will love. Every family walk will be much more interesting with the princess octopus!

By playing with the pusher, your child will improve his motor skills. First of all, he will practice walking techniques, as well as eye-hand coordination. For an untrained walker, simultaneously walking and pushing the octopus may not be so easy at all!

The colorful octopus spins its tentacles while moving and makes a ringing sound. Such a combination is an excellent stimulation of the sense of sight and hearing!

The design of the toy has been so refined that no toddler can resist it. Distinctive colors, a charming crown and eye-catching sound are just some of the elements that are sure to catch a child's attention!

The pusher is sure to become your child's favorite toy. The Princess Octopus can be played with both as a pusher and as a stand-alone toy. What's more, the toddler will be able to play with it both indoors and outdoors!

The streamlined shape of the toy makes it completely safe for toddlers. And the material, characterized by excellent durability, guarantees that the toy will stay with the child for a long time and for many walks!

Main product features:

  • Bright, vivid colors

  • Movable elements

  • Streamlined shape

  • Quality workmanship

  • Encourages movement

  • Exercises motor skills

  • Stimulates senses

  • Makes sounds

  • Provides entertainment

The octopus stick can be adjusted to the height and individual needs of the toddler. Plus, thanks to the foldable handle design, the toy can be conveniently stored or transported to a new adventure destination!

Set contents:

  • Octopus on wheels

  • Handle components x4

Technical parameters:

  • Material: plastic

  • Age: 3+


  • Handle length: 55 cm

  • Octopus: 12.5 cm x 17 cm

  • Tentacle: 7.5 cm x 5 cm

  • Diameter of wheels: 4 cm

  • Package: 23 cm x 17 cm x 16.5 cm

Product packaged in a cardboard box.

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