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Trike Fix Lite tricycle grey

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Children's tricycle with basket. It has a swivel seat, extendable guide and bell. The 3-stage mesh canopy protects the child from the sun. When folded, it will take up little space. Solid workmanship guarantees safety. Color: gray.



Our iconic tricycle in an updated, lighter version!

Meet the little brother of the classic TRIKE FIX. The LITE version is the same quality and durability, but lighter, more modern materials and a lower price!

TRIKE FIX LITEis designed for seated children. Thanks to numerous possibilities of assembling and disassembling further elements, you can easily adapt it to the age of your child and your needs.

TRIKE FIX LITEis a model that grows with your child! It will serve your little one for many years - first as a stroller, then - the first bicycle.



The bicycle is equipped with folding footrests for smaller children, seat belt and safety railing. The footrests and handrail can be removed when the child grows a bit, begins to learn to ride the bike and reaches the handlebars and pedals mounted at the front wheel.

You always have full control!You will appreciate the 360-degree rotating seat, which parents like to use at the beginning of using the bicycle to look at their toddler or, on the contrary, to show him the world while walking.

The extendable guide allows you to easily control the vehicle. When your child has fully mastered riding the bike and the guide is no longer needed, you can easily remove it.

The bike's non-slip pedals allow your toddler to control the vehicle more easily.

The bicycle is also equipped withbell. After all, every cyclist - even the smallest! - should have one. The handlebar grips are made of rubber.

The so-called "free wheel" allows the toddler to propel the vehicle, or with the help of a single switch this function off, so that you are the one in control.

A net is mounted on the back of the canopy. It allows you to observe the seat and everything that the full canopy covers in other models.



Using this vehicle is a convenience for parent and child!

You will seat your toddler in a comfortable seat with a soft cover and headrest. We know that during big trips, little mishaps can happen, but don't worry - you can easily remove the cover if it needs cleaning.

The vehicle comes with a basket, as well as a small pouch with an additional net mounted on the guide. At the handlebars of the bike is placed a small container, for example, for your toddler's drink.

The bicycle has been equipped with a folding, 3-stage mesh canopy, which protects from the sun and rain (it can be removed). You can easily secure the folded canopy with a buckle.

The handle of the guide is covered with foam protection for full comfort of the parent. Similar material, additionally covered with mesh, was used to secure the safety railing.



These wheels are unbreakable!We know that children's equipment is put to many tests - these wheels are ready for it.

They are made with pressureless technology, the kind used in vehicles and tractors exposed to heavy loads.

Using the TRIKE FIX LITE bicycle, you will experience the same comfort as when using equipment with inflatable wheels. At the same time, thanks to the technology used, you do not have to worry about wheel puncture or correct tire pressure.

Non-pressurized wheels are much more resistant to damage than pumped wheels. They will also last longer.

These wheels don't need servicing or pumping. Even if a nail is hammered in, they perform perfectly. They will serve reliably for many years.

Thanks to the technology used, the TRIKE FIX LITE bicycle will easily overcome difficult surfaces or rocky ground. Large non-pressure wheels will easily ride over pieces of glass or nails.

You don't have to limit yourself to trips on asphalt roads only, and you don't lose out on travel comfort!

For added safety, you will lock the rear wheels with a brake.



Designed for children aged 1-5 years

Bike for self-assembly (assembly instructions in the box)

Diameter of wheels: 25 cm and 20 cm

Weight of the bicycle: ~8kg

Bicycle dimensions (largest height x length x width): 105cm x 94cm x 52cm

Package dimensions: 60x40x29cm


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