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Trike Fix Mini cross-country tricycle 3 in 1 with pedals red

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3-in-1 Trike Fix Mini Bicycle. It functions as a cross-country bicycle, a tricycle with pedals and a traditional bicycle. It has adjustable handlebars and saddle, as well as rubber grips and foam tires. Max weight up to 30kg. Color: red. Dimensions: 67x47x51cm.


Huge speed, adrenaline, wind in the hair (through the holes in the helmet, of course) and great excitement! All this will provide your child with this product!

The 3-in-1 Trike Fix Mini tricycle offers many interesting possibilities! It will turn into three different vehicles, depending on the preference of the child and parent!

The first one is a three-wheeled cross-country bicycle! When you mount the pedals into special handles and spread the wheels to the sides, a comfortable, stable vehicle will be created, great for the first wheeled adventures!

When he masters moving in the first form, it's time for the second - that is, a tricycle! Mount the pedals in the sockets on the front wheel and let your child set off into the distance!

At the very end, your little one will face the most difficult task - you can fold the rear wheels so that they are close together. This will require the child to maintain balance and will give him a great lesson before riding a real two-wheeled bicycle!

The design allows you to fully adjust the handlebars from 41 cm to 50 cm and the saddle from 31 - 38 cm. This will allow you to adjust the height perfectly to the user, ensuring comfort and safety.

The product will work well for any child aged from 18 months to 4 years! For this long period it will provide him with a huge number of interesting and enjoyable moments!

The maximum load is 30 kg, so you do not have to worry that your child will damage the bike!

Interesting design will attract the attention of the youngest riders and encourage them to play! The simple form and modern style will also appeal to parents!

Such a tricycle is really a great choice for everyone! Above all, it is worth remembering that movement is health! A toy that will encourage the toddler to walk and be physically active will help in the proper development and maintenance of proper fitness! It will also develop the sense of balance, muscles of the whole body and motor coordination!

It will also be a great way to introduce the toddler to the rules of the road and safe movement on the sidewalk! Learning through play will provide lasting results!

The materials used to create the product ensure high durability - it will surely survive many a family trip!

Color: red

Max. child weight: 30kg


  • wheels: plastic + foam tires
  • frame: aluminum
  • handlebars: rubber grips.


  • bicycle: 67cm X 47cm X 51cm
  • total frame length: 31cm
  • height of handlebars from the ground: 41cm -50cm
  • handlebar width: 32CM
  • height of the saddle from the ground: 31cm -38cm
  • saddle dimensions: 24cm x 13cm
  • frame length from saddle to handlebars: 18cm
  • diameter of thefront wheel: 22cm
  • diameter of therear wheel: 15cm
  • package dimensions: 61cm x 17cm x 21cm

Packaged in a cardboard box.

Product suitable for children aged 1.5-4 years. 30kg max.

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