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Trike Fix V3 tricycle black

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TRIKE FIX V3 tricycle with 360° rotation



Perfect for all seasons!

Modern tricycle TRIKE FIX V3 designed for children aged 1-6 years.

The perfect way to spend your free time actively.

Great for use as the child's first bicycle.

What's more, it can successfully replace a stroller.

Children grow up fast, but it is not a problem - TRIKE FIX V3 bike will grow up with your child.


  • bicycle designed for children aged 1-6 years

  • unpressurized wheels

  • rear wheel lock in the form of brakes

  • rear axle shock absorber

  • pull-out guide for the parent

  • removable bag for bag, shopping

  • handy pocket with a zipper mounted on the carrier

  • adjustable guide handle

  • Leather trim on the guide

  • Canopy with mesh for keeping an eye on the baby

  • foldable canopy

  • adjustable backrest

  • handlebar bell

  • detachable handrail for easy child insertion

  • 2-point safety belt

  • foam seat cover

  • infant footrests 9 - 15 months

  • folding footrest for child 1 - 3 years old

  • equipped with freewheel

  • non-slip pedals if the child wants to pedal 2 - 6 years old

  • 360° swivel saddle- allows you to position the child forward or backward at the touch of a button

  • Possibility to fold and unfold the rear wheels

  • 28cm diameter wheels

  • Attractive, modern design

  • Robust, modern design



The bike grows with the child

The child grows out of an ordinary stroller quickly,

TRIKEFIX V3 will serve your child for many years, thus saving money and space at home.

Both the handrail, the saddle cover with straps and the guide for the parent can be removed, adapting the bike to the needs of a growing child.

Younger children can travel on the bike by keeping their feet on the footrests, while older children can pedal independently.

The bicycle will work great as a stroller.

You can turn the saddle so that the child is facing you.



Practical guide

Thanks to the convenient guide, the parent chooses the direction of travel himself.

What's more, the guide's upholstery is made of leather, which not only looks striking, but is also much more durable and practical than foam finishes.


Comfortable seat for the child

The bike comes with a soft cover,

The soft seat with headrest will make riding the bicycle even more pleasant and comfortable.

In case the cover gets dirty, it can be easily removed and washed.

Ergonomic seat belts

It is equipped with a 2-point harness and railing, which will take care of your child's safety and protect him from falling off the bike.

Adjustable backrest

Comfortable adjustable backrest, will increase your child's comfort during the trip.

When your child falls asleep you can lower the backrest.


Swivel saddle360°

With one button you are able to rotate the saddle on the bike.

This function will allow you to turn the child forward or backward.

Especially useful for smaller children.

Functional canopy with window

The bicycle has a practical canopy that will shield the little one from rain and sun.

The canopy subsumes a net through which you can observe what your little one is doing.

The canopy can be easily folded and unfolded or completely disassembled.


Reflective elements

Sewn-in shiny stripes on the canopy and handrail of the bike will act as a gentle reflector.

Free wheel

The bicycle is equipped with a special mechanism that allows you to ride the bicycle with the pedals stopped.

After activating the freewheel function, the child does not put the front drive wheel in motion while pedaling.

An excellent solution when the parent is driving the bicycle, the child at this time can keep his feet freely on the pedals.

This feature will protect the child from being hit by the spinning pedals while riding.

Non-slip pedals

Durable, stable pedals with tabs made of plastic allow pedaling without shoes slipping.



The rear wheels on the bicycle are foldable with one button you can fold it.

In addition, in order to save more space, you can remove the canopy and the guide bar

Rear wheel lock

The bicycle is equipped with a rear wheel lock.

Activating the lock will prevent your child from riding the bike.


In addition, riding the bicycle will be made more attractive by a classic bell mounted on the handlebars, and moreover will ensure the safety of the child and passers-by.

Bicycle also has facilities in the form of

  • basket for small items

  • pouch mounted on the handlebars


The tires used on the bicycle were manufactured according to the non-pressure technology. This means that the tire is practically wearless!

They will serve for many years, and do not need any additional measures (pumping or servicing).

If you hammer a nail, or make a bigger hole, the tire continues to perform its role perfectly.

Using the TRIKE FIX V3 bicycle, you feel the same comfort as when using bicycles with inflated wheels, but you don't have to worry about punctures or proper tire pressure.

Riding over nails, glass, or rocky ground will not wear out the tires.

As a result, we are not limited to trips only on asphalt roads.


A pressureless tire has advantages alone:

  • It has the characteristics of a traditional tire,

  • Does not require inflation, which eliminates the risk of "catching a flat tire."

  • No need to maintain the correct pressure,

  • Easy installation,

  • Damage resistance,

  • Higher performance, and longer service life.

  • This is the same technology used in heavy-duty exposed vehicles and tractors.


  • Bicycle for self-assembly

  • Weight of the bicycle: 13kg

  • Suitable for children aged 1-6 years

  • Maximum load 30kg

  • Width of the canopy after unfolding: 37cm

  • seat width: 29cm

  • height of the backrest: 30cm

  • length of the frame (measured from the entrance of the bar to the handlebars):51cm

  • Package dimensions: 71cm x 40cm x 34cm


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