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Magnetic board for learning numbers letters green

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A green magnetic board that will make learning numbers and figures fantastic fun. You can also write on the board with the included marker pen. Material: plastic, magnet. Age: 3+. Magnetic board: 21,7 cm x 16,4 cm.


Learning can be fun!

Acquisition of appropriate skills and knowledge by toddlers is very important, as it affects the whole process of growing up. However, in order for a child to willingly acquire new skills, you may need a product that will encourage them to do so. And that's why we offer you a magnetic learning board!

The magnetic learning board is a product that combines two things - fun and educational value! With its help, your child will learn to read, write and count, and improve his manual skills!

The most important part of the set is the board, which should be set on a plastic stand to make using it as convenient as possible. In addition, there are a lot of colorful magnets in the set, which can be freely attached to the board, arranging different words or mathematical equations.

However, that's not all! You can also write on the board with the included erasable marker - so that after each use, the board can be quickly and efficiently wiped off, so that the next day's fun can start with a clean and ready place to continue working!

The various magnets will also be a great opportunity to learn the names of colors, and the whole set will be a fantastic source for creative play! What's more, writing on the board or attaching the colorful magnets will be a great training of manual skills, which will surely be extremely helpful for your child's proper development!

Main product features:

  • Ability to write and draw on the board,

  • Learning letters and numbers,

  • Colorful magnets,

  • Wipeable marker and sponge included,

  • Learning through play!

All elements of the set can be tucked into the stand and covered with a blackboard, so the product turns into a handy suitcase full of knowledge and fun! Such a suitcase can be taken with you anywhere - to kindergarten, school or grandparents!

Set contents:

  • Magnetic board

  • Magnetic letters x26

  • Magnetic numbers x20

  • Magnetic mathematical signs x6

  • Marker for writing on the board + eraser

  • Plastic base

  • Board holders x2

Technical parameters:

  • Plastic: plastic, magnets

  • User age: 3+


  • Magnetic board: 21.7 cm x 16.4 cm

  • Plastic base: 30 cm x 24 cm x 3 cm

  • Sample magnet: 3 cm x 3 cm x 0.6 cm

  • Marker: 10.3 cm x 1 cm

  • Packaging: 30.5 cm x 15.2 cm x 4 cm

Product packed in a cardboard box.

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