Doll clothes + accessories set of 43 el.||Atlaskids
Doll clothes + accessories set of 43 el.

Doll clothes + accessories set of 43 el.

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Multi-element set of clothes for dolls.Set includes colorful clothes and accessories. 43 element set includes i.a. 10 dresses for dolls( length13cm),accessories e.g. shoes,bags.Made of high quality materials.Packed in foil packaging.

Set of doll clothes with accessories 43 items


Colorful clothes and accessories to match each doll.

Beautiful doll clothes will allow you to play fashion designer, create a catwalk for models or prepare a fashion photo shoot. The creations and accessories will also work well for the "daily chores" of the toddler dolls.

Help develop your child's creativity through fashion! Numerous accessories will allow you to create a whole range of styles, worthy of the best designers. Maybe a penchant for fashion will make your little one join the ranks someday (:

Dressing and dressing dolls will improve manual dexterity.

Ideal for children of all ages.

They will provide fun for hours.

Numerous clothes and accessories will allow to create numerous styles for dolls.

Perfect gift idea.


- will provide fun for hours,

- will develop creativity and imagination,

- will improve manual dexterity,

- possibility to create many styles for dolls

- large number of accessories


The set contains many items including:

- 10 dresses for dolls (length 13cm),

- accessories (shoes, bags, crowns, etc.).

Made of high quality materials.

Packed in foil packaging.

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