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Wooden pyramid with base tower rainbow sorter

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Wooden sorter 2-in-1 - pyramid with storage-pad and Hanoi tower puzzle game. It will stimulate the sense of logical thinking and support learning the names of colors. The sorter consists of 10 disks and a box with three rods. Material: wood. Height: 15,2cm.

Wooden pyramid with base tower rainbow sorter

Hanoi Tower is a popular puzzle toy for children originating from East Asia.

RULES OF THE GAME: all the pucks arranged in order from the largest to the smallest should go from the first tower to the last tower, using the middle one. On the last tower the pucks should again be arranged from largest to smallest. Only one puck at a time can be rearranged, with the rule that the smaller puck is always placed on top of the larger one.

Sounds simple? It's not quite so. The puzzle will also be a puzzle for adults!

Of course, you don't have to stick rigidly to the rules! Fun is best when it is creative.

The colorful, rainbow-colored tower attracts children's attention. The toy can be used by toddlers as the first sorter.

This toy grows with your little one! It will serve children of different ages and enjoy for many years. The first sorter for a 2-year-old, and at the same time a logic puzzle for an older child. Parents will also try to play more than once. Will they manage the puzzle for 6-year-olds? Check it out!

Placing the disks on the rods helps develop manual skills and "hand-eye" coordination.

Playing by the rules teaches the child patience and perseverance. It develops logical thinking and perceptiveness. It promotes concentration and can be a way to calm a fussy toddler.

Wooden toys, or aids, as they are referred to in the Montessori philosophy, delight in their simplicity while encouraging creativity. They encourage children's intellectual development while offering an enjoyable time.

The base of the toy is also a box where you can store all the puzzle pieces. This makes it easy to keep things in order, well, and there is less chance of any piece getting lost.

The puzzle consists of:

  • colorful disks,

  • a box/base,

  • three rods.

When giving a toy to your child, you want to make sure it is safe. We understand that! That's why each piece of the set has been carefully sanded to make sure that no splinter will penetrate the little hand. Safe and non-toxic paint was used to paint the disks. The elements are too large for a child to choke on them

choke on them.

Wooden toys are an option for those who want to live in harmony with ecology - they are made of natural materials, are durable and can last for generations to come. In addition, they are aesthetic, pleasing to the eye and pleasant to the touch.

Package dimensions: 23.2cm x 10.5cm x 4.8cm

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