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Double-sided alcohol markers in case 80 pieces

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Double-sided alcohol markers in case 80pcs


Bring some color into your life!

A mega set of double-sided markers will definitely add color.

A large set means a lot of possibilities and countless colors.

There is sure to be something for everyone.

Each marker has 2 tips, one thin ideal for contouring or writing, the other thicker, which is perfect for coloring or circling important information.


It will be perfect for creating unique works of art where there is a need for color shading.

Worried about where to store so many pens? We thought about it and the whole thing was packed in an aesthetic and convenient case, which will certainly make it easier to keep in order such a large number of markers.

Vivid and durable colors will make each work of art beautiful and unique.

They are perfect for painting, but can also be used at school or in the office to mark important information.

Coloring with markers is a great entertainment not only for children, but also for adults. It perfectly exercises manual skills, and at the same time allows you to de-stress and forget about problems. And colored notes are easier to learn and you will find relevant information faster.


See for yourself how addictive it is!

Awaken the artist's soul in you and get to work!

With this set the fun never ends.

Not only that it looks extremely impressive, but also gives you limitless possibilities for creation.

This mega set of colorful markers is sure to steal the heart of every art enthusiast.

A perfect gift idea for a small and large artist.

Note: In ordinary drawing blocks, the markers will pierce through to the other side of the sheet.

Set includes 80 markers in different colors.

Marker length: 15cm

Package Dimensions: 21 x 11cm x 17cm

Packed in an aesthetic case.


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