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Carousel crib plush pendants flowers gray

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Carousel over the infant crib with flowers and bees is a product that will delight any toddler. The delicate colors of the carousel will fit into the color scheme of a child's room. The toy helps develop visual abilities. Dimensions: 34 cm x 31,5 cm.


The bees have flown in to provide entertainment for the toddler!

The carousel for the crib is one of the first toys of the toddler, so you should make it as special as possible!

The charming carousel can be used by babies from the first days of life. The bees will rock gently, making the toddler's time spent in the crib more pleasant, and will prove to be a reliable way to lull him to sleep.

The pendants are made of soft cotton, and the structure of the carousel is made of smoothly sanded wood. In addition, there are small bells between the flowers.

When you set the carousel in motion the yellow bees and fluffy flowers will start to rock, catching baby's attention and stimulating his sense of sight at the same time. And tiny bells will gently ring, stimulating the sense of hearing.

The wooden carousel will not only be a baby's toy, but also a beautiful decoration for a child's room. Large flowers and bees, along with green leaves, will bring a bit of magic to the interior, and additionally attract the attention of the toddler with their interesting shapes.

The carousel combining wooden and cotton elements is an ideal solution if you want your baby's toys not only to bring joy to the toddler, but also to be aesthetic and durable.

Thanks to the universal loop attachment, you can hang the carrousel anywhere - in the crib, car or stroller.

Remember to mount the carousel out of baby's reach. You can do this by hanging it higher or by adjusting the length of the individual strings with pendants by moving them.

The main features of the crib carousel:

  • Interacts with baby's senses

  • Facilitates falling asleep

  • Made of wood and cotton

  • Made with attention to detail

  • Cute design with flowers and bees

  • Can be mounted anywhere

  • Useful from the first days of baby's life

Material: wood, cotton, metal


  • Whole product: 34 cm x 31.5 cm

  • Hanging loop: 12 cm

  • Plush flower: 8 cm x 4.5 cm

  • Tinkerbell: 1.5 cm

  • Package: 22.5 cm x 21 cm x 3.5 cm

Product packaged in a cardboard box.

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