Construction blocks creative wafers travel set 250 pcs. MELI||Atlaskids

Construction blocks creative wafers travel set 250 pcs. MELI

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Travelbox Basic Travel Box 250 blocks

Toys perfect for taking on the go? Meet the MELI TRAVEL BOX set containing 250 elements for creative play anywhere and anytime! Colorful pieces of identical shapes like puzzles connect easily and give you the opportunity to create a variety of shapes - from animals and characters through interesting vehicles to fancy constructions. Vivid colors encourage to play, and spatial shapes that can be created with them, never get bored. The set of blocks packed in a special, lockable box with a handle can accompany the child on the go. The small box can make a holiday trip or a visit to friends more pleasant. Practical packaging not only accommodates all the elements and safely stores them, it also makes the parts never get lost and are always in their place.

Dimensions of one block: 25 x 25 mm

Dimensions of the package: 14 x 11 x 10 cm

Package weight: 0.57 kg

: KX3674
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