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Pottery wheel creative set with clay and paints 600g

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Super potter's wheel set with clay and paints. Will provide a lot of fun for any child. Will allow you to create beautiful dishes and decorate them fantastically. Material: plastic. Power supply: 4x 1.5V LR20 or USB cable. Dimensions of apron: 74x42cm. Dimensions of the circle: 22x12cm.


The perfect gift for any little artist!

Great set with a rotating potter's wheel will provide lots of fun for any child who likes manual play!

Attractive color and workmanship will surely encourage the little ones to take up the challenge!

With plenty of clay included in the set, it will provide lots of entertainment!

The potter's wheel can turn at two different speeds, making it perfect for beginners as well as children who have had contact with pottery!

The practical apron included with the set will allow you to play without worrying about ruining your clothes!

Unlimited as it may be, the young artist will be able to mold vases, flowerpots, pots, cups and many other objects he or she can only think of, all thanks to properly selected special tools for shaping clay!

Your child will be able not only to create beautiful vessels, but also to decorate them fantastically, thanks to the included brushes and paints in up to 12 different colors!

Making colorful and attractive objects from scratch will provide the little creator with huge amounts of satisfaction and pride in their own achievements!

In addition to being powered by a USB cable, the wheel can be powered by 4 LR20 batteries (not included), so the fun can be transferred from the house to thebackyard!

With this set, your child will be able to make cute gifts for any occasion with their own hands!

The set will prove perfect as a way to quickly and efficiently develop the creativity of a little person!

Clay sticking will allow everyone to dynamically develop manual skills while providinga lot of pleasure!

Decorating your own products will result in a broadening of the sense of aesthetics!

Nothing will affect the development of a child's spatial imagination as well as making objects from scratch!

Perhaps this will be the beginning of a wonderful hobby for your child!

Age of child: 3+

Material: plastic

Weight ofclay: 600g

Power supply: 4x 1.5V LR20 or USB cable

Set contents:

  • Pottery wheel
  • 3x bags of clay with a total weight of 600g
  • 12x paints
  • 2x brushes
  • measuring tape
  • 2x knurls
  • USB cable


  • potter's wheel (diameter x height): 22cm x 12cm
  • apron: 74cm x 42cm
  • package dimensions: 36cm x 24cm x 8.5cm

Packaged in an aesthetic cardboard box.

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