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CASTORLAND Educational Puzzle Map of Europe

CASTORLAND Educational Puzzle Map of Europe

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EUROPE MAP WITH QUIZ - 180 el. + 32 el.QUI Z

Jigsaw puzzle of 180 elements depicting the Map of Europe in a large impressive format of 40 x 46 cm. In addition, it contains 32 more educational tiles with a knowledge consolidating quiz. Educational Map of Europe is a pictorial journey through our continent. Arranging the map, the child will learn what Europe looks like, the location of each country and what their flags look like. He will see how Poland is arranged and with which countries it borders. He will get to know the most famous objects in Europe, some national traditions, customs and legends, as well as manufactured products. After arranging the puzzle, the child can consolidate his knowledge by solving a quiz consisting in matching two tiles with the name of the country and the flag. Jigsaw puzzle Map of Europe - encourages to deepen their knowledge about our continent. It is an excellent teaching material in early childhood education and great fun for the child as well as the whole family.

Age: 7+

Picture dimensions: 40 X 46 cm

Package dimensions: 32.5 X 22.5 X 5 cm

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