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Adler AD 1186W Alarm clock with humidity temperature measurement

Adler AD 1186W Alarm clock with humidity temperature measurement

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Adler AD 1186 W Clock - Alarm clock with temperature and humidity measurement.

A small, but aesthetically pleasing and very effective alarm clock. The displayed time is perfectly visible, thanks to the Led display and large digits. The alarm clock is powered from the mains, it also has a built-in battery backup power supply. The alarm clock shows the temperature and humidity inside the room. A great advantage is the easy-to-read LED display, from which you can easily read the time in any lighting conditions. The Adler AD 1186 is ideal for those who are looking not only for a reliable alarm clock, but also for a device that will help them better understand and control the environment in their home. Thanks to its modern design, this clock - alarm clock will fit perfectly into any space, while offering functionality and comfort.

Key Features:

Versatile LED Display: The white LED display not only looks elegant in any interior, but also clearly shows the time, date (with month, day and year), current temperature and humidity level, allowing you to easily monitor room conditions.

Temperature and Humidity Measurement: The Adler AD 1186 W is equipped with sensors to measure temperature and humidity, so you can easily adjust conditions in your home for maximum comfort.

Alarm with Snooze Function: Set a single alarm to always get up on time. The snooze function allows you to get an extra few minutes of sleep before you definitely start your day.

Adjustable Brightness: Adjust the brightness level of the display to suit your needs with the option to choose between high and low brightness levels, which is especially useful at night.

Speaker Buzzer with 50mm Diameter: The alarm clock features a built-in buzzer that will gently, but effectively, wake you up each morning.

Simple Connection: It is powered by a VDE power cord, which guarantees easy and safe connection to a power source.

Main Parameters: LED alarm with temperature / date

Speakers: 50mm buzzer

Inputs/outputs: VDE power cable


  • White LED display

  • Temperature

  • Date with month / day / year

  • Humidity

  • Single alarm

  • Put down

  • High - low brightness level

Power supply: 230 V~50 Hz

9V battery

Built-in transformer

Physical parameters:

Product size: 18 x 9.1 x 6.8 cm

Weight: 0.32 kg

Package includes: Device

: KX3616
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