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Construction blocks mini waffle farmer blister

Construction blocks mini waffle farmer blister

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Construction blocks mini farmer blister

Blocks that invite you to the world of nature! Thanks to them, every child will spend many charming moments, playing activities related to the cycle of nature. While playing, your child will get acquainted with the world of the countryside, create a real farm and construct a tractor with a trailer. In the set he will also find several original characters, with whom he will properly take care of the animals on the farm and make sure that the crops and harvests are abundant! The set not only develops children's imagination and manual skills, but also allows them to take on roles and teaches them logical thinking.

Advantages of the FARMER set:

- development of imagination and creativity,

- learning and development through play,

- better understanding of the natural world,

- many hours of entertainment,

- for girls and boys,

- 100% safe form,

- attractive fun for children and parents.

Toy not suitable for children under 4 years old. Contains small parts, easy to swallow. Remove the packaging elements before giving the toy to your child. The colors of the elements may differ from those shown on the package.

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