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Massage sensory correction mat green

Massage sensory correction mat green

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Corrective, sensory massage mat. Equipped with many tabs that will allow you to massage tired feet, stimulating their blood circulation. The mats can be connected to each other with hooks. Material: artificial TPE. Dimensions: 37.5x27cm.


Take care of yourself "from head to toe" starting with your feet!

Foot massage relaxes, relieves stress and stimulates the work of our body. Now you don't have to visit a massage therapist every time you want to feel better - try our mat and let your feet relax.

As far back as ancient times, applying pressure or massaging the feet was considered a treatment that positively affected the whole body. It is still an essential part of Eastern medicine, which recognizes a holistic approach to health.

Feet are the backbone of the body - tired after a day of walking and carrying weight, they deserve moments of relief. A few minutes of massage on a mat each day will improve their blood circulation and have a positive effect on their well-being.

On the colorful mat you will find plenty of tabs, whose task is to stimulate blood circulation in the feet.

Using the mat helps relieve the symptoms of plantar fasciitis, has a beneficial effect on the whole body. In addition, regular foot massage relieves stress, improves metabolism and facilitates healthy sleep.

Using the mat also has a great effect on the little ones, as it helps develop sensory integration .

The colorful elements attract the eyes of the youngest, and are an inspiration for hours of creative play, such as building a crazy obstacle course!

The mat is made of flexible, safe TPE plastic. Each part of the mat is finished with hooks and holes, which allow you to connect further elements together.

The mat elements are flexible, lightweight and easy to carry. They are made of non-slip material. They can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The price quoted is for one mat element.

At first, using the mat may seem uncomfortable and even painful. However, don't be discouraged! Your body will quickly get used to the new stimulus. If you want to make your first contact with the mat easier, you can initially put a thin blanket on it. However, it is recommended to use the mat barefoot.


Dimensions: 37.5cm x 27cm

Material: TPE plastic

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