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MUDUKO Zero. A tactical game

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Zero. A tactical game

Zerois a card game combining tactics, luck and observation. The goal of the game is clear: to score as few points as possible, trying to get a perfect score: ZERO. However, this is not an easy goal to achieve, as it requires completing a set of cards of one color and a set of the same value. It is worth keeping an eye on so that at the end of the last round you are not left with too many cards that do not belong to any set. WZerois fun to play in any conditions, and the small box will even fit in your pocket.

What it develops

  • strategy

Contents of the package

  • 56 cards,
  • instructions.

Main strengths

  • Combination of tactics, luck and observation.
  • Simple yet exciting card game.
  • Compact mini-pack.
  • The author of the game is Reiner Knizia - a master in the art of creating board and card games.

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