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The game Touch it! Touch and Guess. Animals

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Touch it! Touch and Guess. Animals

Is it a panda, a lemur, a moose or maybe a koala bear? In this game, the player has to guess as quickly as possible which of the four animals shown on the obverse is hiding on the other side of the card using only the sense of touch! How is this possible? The outline and characteristic elements of the illustration on the reverse side are covered with a special 3D varnish! Excellent and original fun for people of all ages and fans of cute animals

Are you looking for a simple game that will appeal to everyone regardless of age? In Touch it! Animals you can play even with a five-year-old, but also adults will not complain of boredom. In this unique game, the picture on the reverse of the card is covered with a special convex varnish. On the obverse is the same illustration, but accompanied by three others. The players' task is to guess which of the four pictures on the front of the card, is shown on the reverse - however, only touch can be used here!

In Touch It! Animals the illustrations refer to animals such as a koala bear, fox, penguin or camel.

The game offers several variants of gameplay, including a team game, in which the person touching the card can't also see the pictures on the front and must communicate with a sighted team member.

What sets the product apart?

  • NEW to the Polish market! We are entering a whole new dimension of simple card games that make special use of the sense of touch
  • simple game rules
  • dynamic gameplay
  • themes for big and small
  • interesting illustrations

What does it develop?

  • Sense of touch
  • Concentration
  • Imagination
  • Rivalry

Express version of the rules:

1. Pick one card from the stack, without peeking at the reverse.

2. At the same time, try to identify the correct object on the reverse using touch.

3. If you know the answer, shout "stop", put the card down and wait for the rest of the players.

4. Did you stay last? You must put the card down right away.

5. Give your answer. The fastest player scores 2 points for a good answer, the others score 1 point each. An incorrect answer earns no points.

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