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TUBAN Large Soap Bubble Liquid 5l

TUBAN Large Soap Bubble Liquid 5l

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We offer ready-made kits for making big soap bubbles.

Anyway, see for yourself - in front of you one of them.

The set includes our flagship product - liquid for making big soap bubbles

and a string, thanks to which you will be able to create amazing and huge bubbles.

Playing with the kit is child's play. You pour the liquid into a bowl or container,

and then you dip the string in it. When a sheet of liquid appears between the strings,

you start creating bubbles. You can spin around your axis, stick your hands up,

or slowly blow into the taffy. Any technique is allowed, and it's the end result that counts.

Ready-made kits are the perfect solution for busy and busy people.

You can trust us, because soap bubbles are something we are very familiar with ;)

With our liquid you can:
- create large soap bubbles;
- shape bubble tunnels
- complete all kinds of bubble toys - guns, swords or generators;
- do bubble tricks;
- create a magical atmosphere and excellent fun.

- is manufactured in Poland.

How to play:
1. Pour the liquid on the stand, or in a bowl.
2. soak a plastic hoop or string in it.
3. ready! You can start your adventure with bubbles.

Our liquid is made in Poland.

We have performed tests that certify the production of
soap bubbles in accordance with the PNEN-71 standard for the safety of toys.

Age: 3+
capacity: 5 liters
dimensions: 20 x 29 x 13 cm

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