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Wooden manipulative board 30x30cm

Wooden manipulative board 30x30cm

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A toy that provides proper development and guarantees super entertainment? Is it at all possible? Absolutely! And manipulative boards are proof of this!

But what exactly is a manipulative board? It is a product that hasa variety of elements, most often those of everyday use - including: a socket with a plug, a light switch, a bicycle bell and many others!

Thanks to such elements,your toddler will be able to familiarize himself with everyday objects in a safe way- under normal circumstances, he certainly wouldn't be able to play with an electrical outlet!

Moving, moving, lacing, switching, turning and so on is a fantasticway to exercise manual skills, which are sure to be immensely helpful in the future, for example, when learning to write.

What's more, playing with a manipulative boardalso exercises concentration, eye-hand coordination, stimulates imagination, and teaches cause-and-effect thinking.. The conclusion is simple - this toy brings only benefits!

The board can be placed on a desk, placed on the floor, or hung on the wall with the help of built-in hangers specially designed for this purpose.

Board equipment:

  • multi-colored, movable pinwheels,

  • zipper,

  • bicycle bell,

  • two types of sliders,

  • shoe with a shoelace (learning how to lace),

  • wooden numbers,

  • different colored wooden letters,

  • movable and rotating wheels for furniture,

  • Velcro,

  • path with a movable balloon.

Includes self-adhesive felt to prevent scratching the floor.

The product ismade of smoothly sanded wood, which ensures the safety of your little one and guarantees that the toy will serve for a long time!

Material: wood


  • Board: 30 cm x 30 cm
  • Packaging:

Product packaged in a cardboard box.

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