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L-BRNO Bicycle saddle gel pad 3D cover

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L-BRNO BICYCLE SADDLE GEL PAD 3D COVERComfort when cycling is very important, especially if you ride a lot and often. And an uncomfortable saddle can effectively discourage you from cycling regularly. That's why it's worth investing in your comfort so that you don't give up your passion, or your favorite method of transportation! Cycling, especially long-distance cycling, does not have to end in abrasions and pain - a good gel saddle pad will eliminate all ailments, and you will forget about pain!L-BRNO bicycle saddle pad is an excellent combination of comfort and functionality. Gel filling is a perfect compromise for your body. The material is neither too soft nor too hard - it's just right! The product will be perfect for all types of bicycles, whether city, MTB, road or mountain bike

Gel overlay for bicycle saddle for comfort while riding. Perfect combination of comfort and functionality. Easy installation. Color: black. Material: polyester + gel filling. Dimensions: 28 cm x 17 cm x 6 cm.
: KX5052
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