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BESTWAY 43103 Inflatable mattress mesh bottom

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Comfortable mattress with a mesh bottom. The perfect gadget for beachcombing on a hot day. Mesh bottom makes you relax and cool at the same time. Includes: mattress, repair kit, packaging. Max load: 90kg. Dimensions: 160x84cm.

BESTWAY mesh mattress


Incredibly comfortable, comfortable mattress with mesh bottom from Bestway brand is a combination of good taste and coveted relaxation. The mattress was created from semi-transparent PVC material, durable and resistant to minor damage and discoloration. In addition, an inflatable backrest and armrests will take care of your comfort while resting. The mattress will be perfect for hot days, when lying on an ordinary mattress is not comfortable, thanks to the mesh bottom you will be able to relax and cool down at the same time.


Main features :

  • Inflatable backrest,
  • Armrests,
  • Mesh bottom,
  • Color: Blue,
  • PVC Material.


  • Mattress,
  • Repair kit,
  • Colorful packaging.



  • Mattress approx. 160 x 84 cm,
  • Recommended number of people: 1,
  • Maximum load approx. 90 kg,
  • PVC weight approx. 0.22 mm,
  • Weight approx. 0.80 kg.
  • Package dimensions: 24cm x 23cm x 5cm


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