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Pyramid tower educational sensory puzzle colorful Montessori

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Colorful educational tower with circles in different colors and with different textures. This toy is an excellent training of the sense of sight and touch, as well as manual skills. One of the circles has small balls in it. Plastic. Built tower: 14.5 x 14 cm.


Large, colorful, sensory and educational - these are just a few features of the presented tower! And when you get to know them all, you will surely find out that this is the perfect toy for your little one!

Seven large blocks can be stacked on top of each other, creating an impressive pyramid! Each piece is in a different color and has a different texture. In addition, one of the blocks has balls in it, which you can see through the transparent top.

The built tower looks phenomenal - like a seven-layer cake, in which each layer has a different color and flavor (or in this case, texture!).

Playing with the puzzle will positively influence many of the child's skills, including:

  • Manual skills - Lifting, moving and stacking round blocks will require the toddler to develop motor skills and precision of small fingers. Moreover, through play, the child will also develop eye-hand coordination.

  • Creativity - vivid colors, interesting textures and small balls in the center of one of the circles, will perfectly influence the child's senses - sight, hearing and touch - and encourage creative thinking and.

  • Critical thinking - Thanks to the toy, the toddler will learn a useful problem-solving skill. When building a tower does not work out, the child will be able to try many times, which will teach him independence and resourcefulness.

  • Distinguish and name colors - Seven circles of different colors will be an excellent opportunity to start learning to distinguish and name basic colors.

The circles are large enough that the toy can even be played with by children as young as one year old.

Each piece of the colorful pyramid is made of durable plastic. What's more, the blocks are also smoothly finished - they don't have any sharp edges - making them safe to play with!

The colorful pyramid will be a perfect gift for any adventurous child!

Technical parameters:

  • Material: plastic

  • Number of elements: 7

  • User age: 12m+


  • Largest block (diameter): 14 cm

  • Built tower: 14.5 cm x 14 cm

  • Packaging: 15 cm x 24 cm x 15 cm

Product packaged in a cardboard box with a window.

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