TOOKY TOY Puzzle Montessori Puzzle Thick Blocks Turtle 5 pcs.|Tooky Toy|Atlaskids
TOOKY TOY Puzzle Montessori Puzzle Thick Blocks Turtle 5 pcs.

TOOKY TOY Puzzle Montessori Puzzle Thick Blocks Turtle 5 pcs.

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Wooden Mini Puzzles from a reputable brand Tooky Toy for children from 12 months of age it's the perfect solution for the home and the preschool. The puzzle consists of: 5 elements, which together form a tortoise. On the wooden base, there is a groove that is shaped like a colorful puzzle. The whole thing was made of wood, painted child-resistant paints in vivid colours that satisfy every user and they'll bring a lot of fun.


  • - from 12 months of age,
  • - the kit contains: 5 the elements,
  • - a toy not having sharp edges and is made of the highest quality materials safe for children and the environment,
  • - painted it's a non-toxic paint.

The toy develops:

  • - in the imagination,
  • - manual skills,
  • - cognitive ability,
  • - the ability to think logically.

Eco-toys it's made from completely natural, biodegradable and hypoallergenic materials, making it 100% safe and harmless not only for the environment but also for your comfort.

Tooky Toy it's a production company wooden toys for children, on the market since 2004. Several decades of experience in the industry guarantee high-quality products designed for the safety of children. Toys Tooky Toy have numerous safety certificates these organic products. Well-smoothed toys, free of scratches and sharp edges, covered only with safe, non-toxic paints, dyes and varnishes. That's what makes toys Tooky Toy they're loved by children and appreciated by parents all over the world.

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