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Viga Toys Educational wooden abacus for Montessori School Counting

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Wooden double-sided counters from the company Viga Toys this is one of the leading toys that will allow a child to enter a world of interesting and creative play. The adventure with the numbers is about to begin. Colorful ticks that have been placed on metal guides will encourage and facilitate counting. There's a board in the middle that says what to do. If the child moves the beads from one side of the board to the other, they get a solution. This is simpler because the beads are removed and the solution is visible. And the same thing happens with addition. The flip beads appear to give a solution. Combining learning with action and movement makes the child's task easier this is a perfect Montessori toy.


  • - made of organic material,
  • - durable and child safe,
  • - bright colors,
  • - two wooden boards (one side showing the action, the other showing the action on the counter),
  • - each row of balls of a different colour,
  • - it encourages you to learn to count.

The toy develops:

  • - analytical skills,
  • - a small motor,
  • - mathematical skills,
  • - logical thinking.

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