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Viga Wooden Blocks with a Montessori shape sorter

Viga Wooden Blocks with a Montessori shape sorter

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Manufacture from materials of any heading, except that of the product brands Other, is an educational toy for counting and for use in the manufacture of motor vehicles. I 'm going . On each of the five trunks you must place the appropriate shapes, and the difficulty with this seemingly simple game is that you have to fit the blocks into the right slots. During play, the child develops manual skillshand-eye coordination and the ability to think logically. Bright colors attract the eyes and stimulate the sensesThe sorter has been stripped of its sharp edges and the application non-toxic paint provides safety for children and the environment.


  • - the kit contains: 15 elements,
  • - a toy made of wood,
  • - painted non-toxic paints,
  • - the sorter not further worked than hot-rolled and well of a thickness not exceeding 10 mm,
  • - 100% safe for the baby.

The toy develops:

  • - manual skills,
  • - the ability to think logically,
  • - hand and eye coordination,
  • - the ability to recognise colours and shapes,
  • - the science of counting,
  • - the sense of sight.
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