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Wooden manipulation game Viga Toys Montessori school

Wooden manipulation game Viga Toys Montessori school

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Educational Wooden Game the cat a respected toy manufacturer Viga Toys for children from 18 months of age ideal for both pre-school and home use.The toy has paths for moving the digits to match the pictures with the right number of fish. A game like this will introduce your child to exciting fun and help him learn the basics of mathematics. These are qualities no other toy can replace. Colorful play develops imagination and logical thinking skills. According to montessori teaching it helps the child to connect the pieces by learning through play.


  • - it 's a toy handling plate in the form The cat, on the belly of which are carved labyrinths, through which are led blocks of numbers. The child's task is to match the block with the numbers to the number of fish painted on the belly,
  • - the toy is made of wood which has been varnished and painted with child-safe paints in bright colours that will satisfy every user and give plenty of fun to play with.

The toy develops:

  • - a small motor,
  • - the ability to think logically,
  • - hand and eye coordination,
  • - the ability to count,
  • - cognitive skills.
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