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Viga PolarB Maracas Musical Instrument for Children Rattle

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Wood marcas from a reputable brand PolarB it's the perfect toy to start your child's musical journey. I 'm going . Marakas were made entirely of wood. I 'm going . It 's classic and simple it's a musical toy, but it still offers a lot of possibilities. It spends gentle and kind for the ear, the sound. A toy will help exercise manual and auditory skills it'll also enhance your natural sense of rhythm.


  • - a rattle may be the first toy a child can grab, shake and roll,
  • - can easily attract the attention of children and encourage them to squat or follow him,
  • -the rattle makes a gentle sound, so that the child's hearing is not prone to irritation,
  • - rattlesnakes available in three colours,
  • both the wood and the paint used are child-friendly and safe,
  • - no sharp edges.

The toy develops:

  • - hearing coordination,
  • - manual skills,
  • - a natural sense of rhythm,
  • - the imagination,
  • - and hand-eye coordination.
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