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Double-sided alcohol markers in case 48 + stand

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A set of alcohol markers. Each marker has two tips - thin and thick. Painting and drawing is a fantastic way to express your creativity. Set includes: 48 markers, stand, case. Marker length: 15cm. Dimensions of the stand: 13x10x3cm.


Bring some color into your life!

Double-sided markers with intense colors are sure to stimulate your creativity and encourage you to create new beautiful works of art.

As many as 48 etui markers, which will be a great choice whether you are an architect, graphic designer, skilled illustrator or an illustrator just beginning his artistic adventure. Markers are a great option for everyone - you can use them to draw, write, illustrate, sketch, shade, design, color, etc.

Each marker has two tips, a wide one - ideal for painting larger areas, and a thin one - for creating thin and more precise lines to refine details. The right tip will provide detailed drawing or better coverage.

Alcohol-based ink provides excellent shading - in addition, the colors blend easily together for quick color blending. Alcohol ink also penetrates quickly into the paper, so it is sure not to smudge while painting, and it becomes permanent once it dries.

Coloring or drawing with markers is an excellent pastime not only for children, but also for adults. It perfectly exercises manual skills, and at the same time allows you to de-stress and forget about problems.

The set includes a plastic stand, which is sure to be a convenient accessory when painting. All markers will always be at hand, nicely arranged in the appropriate compartments. In addition, the case in which the markers are packed will be perfect for taking the whole set with you.

The set will be perfect as a gift for any creative person, regardless of age! It will also keep you occupied for hours, plus it will positively influence imagination, as well as creativity. It will also allow to develop manual and artistic skills. Who knows, maybe there's a real artist hiding inside you!

Number of markers: 48pcs

Number of tips on the marker: 2

Ink type: alcoholic

Set includes:

  • 48x markers in different colors

  • Plastic stand for markers

  • Practical case


  • Marker length: 15cm

  • Stand: 13cm x 10cm x 3cm

  • Packaging: 14cm x 11cm x 17cm

Packed in an aesthetic case.

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