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Wooden game: Ring Toss Animals Viga Toys

Wooden game: Ring Toss Animals Viga Toys

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The wooden game of ring toss from of the brand Viga it's a game handcrafted for the whole family and friends, allowing active spending time on fresh air, and even in home! What ! It 'll make your baby grow manual and mental skills i mean. the reflex, accuracy and concentration. I 'm going . He plays easy in mounting and dismantling.


  • - the game the craft,
  • - unlimited number of players,
  • - easy the rules,
  • - develops capacity manual and mentally,
  • - the game can be played everywhere - in home and fresh air,
  • - the product has been made from the highest quality wood and painted safe for the child with paint.

Rules of the game:

  • - the game consists on of casting a wheel for sticks,
  • - setting other other, of circular cross-section distance from each other,
  • - they're all different value pointed.

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