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Felt balancing rocker balance board

Felt balancing rocker balance board

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Wooden balance board with felt. Ideal for children and adults. Can be a toy, rocker, stool or exercise device. The felt will protect the floor from scratches. Material: linden plywood. Max load: up to 200kg. Dimensions: 82x30x2cm.


Exercise and have fun at the same time!

Simple and easy to use toy can provide a lot of fun!

The balancing board will be a great product for both children and adults! Everyone will find their own way to have fun.

According to the principles developed by Maria Montessori, the simpler the toy is, the better it affects the child's development! Without a doubt, the balancing board perfectly corresponds to these assumptions!

The board has a number of useful functions! In addition to being a great toy and an extremely engaging exercise device, it can also serve as, among other things, a stool on which a toddler can stand to reach the top. It will also perfectly complement a race track for little cars, when its route is run both above and below the board!

And when your little one gets tired of playing, just lay down on the board and it will instantly turn into a rocker, offering a comfortable and pleasant rest!

The most important function of the balance board is that you can use it to practice balance! This will have a great effect on the control of one's own body, which will be useful for children in the development period, as well as adults!

In the case of the youngest, the exercises will benefit motor coordination, provide a more accurate understanding of how to control the body, as well as help in the proper development of joints and muscles!

Movement is extremely important for adults as well! Exercises on the balancing board will help to engage in regular physical activity, take care of weight and joint strength!

To create the board was used durable wood, which has undergone professional and thorough processing. All surfaces of the balancing board have been carefully sanded, thus eliminating the risk of splinters!

Covering the bottom part of the board with a durable felt will help protect even the delicate floor from scratches, and also increase the comfort of using the board, as it will not slip!

To ensure adequate resistance and durability, the product has been protected with a human-safe oil that meets all the required standards.

The use of wood is a great solution for people who value the environment and nature conservation. Compared to products made of plastic, it leaves a much smaller carbon footprint. This not only allows your child to play with an interesting and nice toy, but will also allow him to enjoy nature intact in the future!

Technical parameters:

  • Plastic: linden plywood
  • Max user weight: 200kg
  • Board dimensions: 82cm x 30cm x 2cm
  • Package dimensions: 85cm x 31cm x 3cm

Product packaged in a cardboard box.

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