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Hoverball flying ball for table glowing + goals

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Flying hoverball for table. A perfect combination of hoverball and air hockey game. The game consists in hitting the opponent's goal with the ball using rackets. Excellent for developing manual skills. Power supply: 3 AAA batteries (not included) Dimensions of the ball: 11cm.


A super combination of hoverball and air hockey!

Combine elements from two great toys into one super game that will keep you entertained for hours. You don't need a special table for air hockey - all you need is any table at home and a hoverball from the set, and you have the game à la air hockey at your fingertips.

The ball, when activated, lights up and, thanks to the air coming out from the bottom, moves freely on the table.

The game develops manual skills - it allows you to improve eye-hand coordination, motor skills, dexterity and precision and hand strength.

The game will be perfect for playing together - the set includes 2 rackets for competition. Maybe a small family tournament? A competition with friends? There can be more players and they can change in each round - playing together will cheer up any day!

The game requires less physical effort than classic soccer, but is just as exciting!

The toy will prove to be a fantastic entertainment not only for children, but also for adults. Because who doesn't like to get carried away in a whirlwind of fun from time to time?

The glowing elements of the ball catch the attention of children and encourage them to play together.

Healthy competition between children teaches them that you don't have to win every time to have fun. In addition, the rivalry enlivens the gameplay and ensures that children will definitely not get bored.

Rules of the game:

  1. Set up the goals and separate the field of play on the table.
  2. Stand behind the goals.
  3. Turn on the ball.
  4. Start the game - the goal is to hit the opponent's goal with the ball.

The toy will be perfect as a gift for any fan of fun.

Material: plastic

Age of child: 3+

Number of players: 2

Ball power supply: 3x AAA 1.5V battery (not included)

Set contents:

  • 2x goals
  • 1x ball
  • 2x rackets
  • 9x suction cups
  • 2x net
  • 1x string marking out the court


  • Balls: 11cm
  • Racquets: 8cm x 13.5cm x 13.5cm
  • Goals: 28cm x 13.5cm x 13.5cm
  • Packaging: 29cm x 23cm x 7cm

Packaged in an aesthetically pleasing cardboard box.

: KX5141
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