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Transporter fire truck folding parking fire department + accessories

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Large fire truck with the ability to convert into a base. Perfect for any little hero. Two functions, many variations of play. Set includes: fire truck, 2 fire engines, helicopter, road signs, stickers. Dimensions of the unfolded vehicle: 86x39.5x19cm.

Accident? Fire?
These tasks can be handled by brave firefighters equipped with heavy equipment. They will arrive at the scene of the action in a truck.
A large transport truck in the form of a fire truck, which on its deck can transport the attached cars.


A huge attraction is the possibility of transforming the truck into a car track with a parking lot and a helipad.

An amazing 2-in-1 toy that will provide plenty of endless fun, and will allow the toddler to feel in the role of a real firefighter.
Playing with small cars is a universal way to spend time, children of all ages can play.


Such play transforms from innocent car smashing to creative games about where the car is going and why.
Toy cars teach children about trajectory, when children play with them they learn about speed, distance, gravity, weight and much more.
Playing with small cars builds children's motor skills. Develops Hand-eye coordination and dexterity. So grasping and moving the nuggets enables a child to later hold a pencil, cut with scissors or put on jewelry.

Playing with cars puts children in the driver's seat.
Our kids love to control their surroundings. They learn about cause and effect, when they play with small cars. They learn that the whole can be made up of individual parts. At first they learn the word car, soon later they know about tires, doors, windows and so on.




  • package: 43cm x 17.5cm x 28cm
  • folded vehicle (fire truck): 39cm x 16cm x 19cm
  • unfolded vehicle: 86cm x 39.5cm x 19cm

Power supply: 2batteries x 1.5V AA (not included)

Set contents:

  • Large fire truck with the ability to convert into a parking lot
  • 2 small fire trucks
  • helicopter
  • road signs
  • set of stickers

Product packed in a cardboard box.


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