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TUBAN Dynamic Sand 1kg pink

TUBAN Dynamic Sand 1kg pink

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DYNAMIC SAND 1KG RED is ideal for practicing small motor skills: it spills, but does not spill and allows you to form it freely.
Playing with it affects the development of creative thinking and imagination of the child, calms and has a stress-relieving effect. The sand is safe to play with.
It does not harden and does not dry out, so you can play with it repeatedly for a long time.

Playing with dynamic sand, just like playing with kinetic sand or ordinary sand, positively influences children's development. It engages them in creative activities, thus stimulating their imagination and developing their creativity. These are, of course, things that are difficult to overestimate. The play also plays a role in speech development, for example.

The sand is a 100% Polish product and meets all toy safety standards.

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