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VIGA Labyrinth Pulling Puzzle 2in1 Farma

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The labyrinth The interlocking braid it's a toy multi-purpose manufactured it's made of wood. On the wooden platform we will find a figure farmer, cow and dog. I 'm going . Next to them we'll find motor loop with colorful beads and a sunflower and a butterfly. With its fixed wheels, the toy can perform an additional function as tractor, and the child can take the toy with him. The overlay shall additionally contain: coloured wheels toothed, you can turn it. Other animals they can be switched places.


  • - a toy for children over 18 months,
  • - 2w1 - overlay + tractor,
  • - encourages for walking exercise,
  • - the toy is modular - you can move the animal,
  • - covered not toxic paint,
  • - product made it's made of wood.

The game develops:

  • - large and small motor,
  • - hand and eye coordination,
  • - recognition colours,
  • - recognition the shapes,
  • - logical i think.
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