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VIGA PolarB Bookcase Display Shelf

VIGA PolarB Bookcase Display Shelf

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Exhibition shelf with shelves of the series PolarB it's perfect for any nursery. The shelf is made of high-quality wood painted with non-toxic paints with great attention to detail. The shelf has three levels, you can put decorations, toys or flowers on them. The product is made for the little ones, that's why the edges of the shelf are rounded. The whole thing is painted in of a thickness not exceeding 10 mm, i'm sure they'll fit into more than one room.


  • high quality material performance,
  • - it 's huge attention to detail,
  • soft colouring,
  • - shelf painted non-toxic paints,
  • - shelf consisting of 3 shelves,
  • - fits into any room or store
  • - serial product PolarB,
  • - it is possible to get a free display when you buy the Polar B range - ask for details.

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