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VIGA Pyramid Puzzle Robots + Patterns 8 pcs.

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Fresh or chilled machinery for making pulp of fibrous cellulosic material of the brand Viga it's a great choice for kids who want develop your imagination and your manual skills. The great one a set of blocks i 'm sure it will encourage the little ones to creative play, it also teaches them to recognize shapes and colors. The child will have a chance to create various models of robots, using templates and 8 different blocks, it's easy to put on a base with pins. The kit also contains: cards with different patterns, .. which will allow the child to compose machinery in various configurations and difficulty. It's an ideal toy that stimulates the imagination and develops creativity and manual skills.


  • - a toy for children over 3 years of age,
  • - a set of blocks for the assembly of robots,
  • - the kit contains: patterns to be stacked,
  • - made of wood of the genus agaricus with non-toxic dyes,
  • - packed in aesthetic box with a window.

The game develops:

  • - logical thinking,
  • - hand and eye coordination,
  • - competition,
  • - social skills.

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