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Wooden Kitchen Mixer For Children Masterkidz

Wooden Kitchen Mixer For Children Masterkidz

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Playing in the kitchen is always a lot of fun. Children like to imitate adults, so preparing delicacies by imitating the actions of their parents is one of the children's favorite activities. Kitchens are usually stocked with basic utensils, but the kitchen cabinets hide the odds and ends - for example, the mixer where mom prepares the dough for baking!

Each element of kitchen equipment is very important - if it wasn't so, parents wouldn't have all these devices in their kitchen. That is why the toddler also dreams of a mixer in which he will mix all the necessary ingredients to prepare something delicious.

The mixer can be lifted to stop work for a moment and see what has been created in our bowl - just like in a real mixer. In order for the device to start working, you must manually turn a special crank that sets the mixer in motion. The toy does not require batteries!

The set also includes a plastic bowl that can be used together with the mixer.

The toy was made of wood. By choosing wooden Masterkidz toys, you care about the environment and reduce the production of plastic waste.

Masterkidz toys are high-quality, durable and safe wooden educational toys. Designed and adapted to the different stages of children's development. Creative fun, full of adventures and educational elements - these are the main advantages of toys of this brand. Invaluable support with the Montessori method. The best choice for home, kindergarten, hotel or restaurant. Create a perfect play corner or a large-format educational wall. The offer includes wall and mobile boards. Illuminated tables, panels for playing with paints. Thematic educational modules and much more. Incredible amount of accessories and endless possibilities of creative fun.

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