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WOOPIE Interactive Vacuum Cleaner Sucking Balls Light Sound

WOOPIE Interactive Vacuum Cleaner Sucking Balls Light Sound

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Vacuum cleaner from a reputable brand Woopie it's an ideal proposition for children who want to help their parents with their daily tasks. Suction function and sound they make cleaning fun even more realistic and exciting. The vacuum cleaner has an adjustable brush, allowing the child to adjust the angle of inclination during vacuuming. The toy was made of high quality child-resistant materials. I 'm going . It'd be perfect as a gift to to help a child imitate their parent.


  • - suitable for children from 3 years of age,
  • - the vacuum cleaner has a suction function,
  • - a toy it mimics the sound of a real device,
  • - made of high quality materials safe for children,
  • - a battery-powered toy (not included).

The kit contains:

  • - the pink vacuum cleaner,
  • - flat ends,
  • - the imitation of garbage.

The toy develops:

  • - manual skills,
  • - and creativity,
  • - accuracy,
  • - the skill.

Toys of the brand Woopie they have one goal - to make children happy! Among the rich variety, Woopie it includes carnival costumes and costumes for children, but also swingers, foam toys, various garden toys, and much more! Let the fun take you - let the fun take you Woopie!

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