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WOOPIE Ball Track Set Spiral 76 pcs.

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Coalfields from WOOP this is helical track providing endless fun. This colored set consists of many different coloured elements , which the little one can easily fold one on top of the other and link freely in fancy tracks. In addition, on the back of the package instruction showing a sample track using all elements. Drop the bullets and watch them roll one by one. There's as much as 76 items, including e.g. thrusters and up to 20 bullets to the track. I 'm going . The size is suitable for small hands and helps to develop visual-motor coordination.

CharacteristicThe following:

  • - a toy from 3 years of age
  • - of a kind used on motor vehicles - that 's it 20 rounds to the track
  • - can be stacked any track
  • - i'm in the back of the package instruction track using all elements
  • - helps to develop visual and motor coordination
  • - safe elements
  • - parts can be easily put together
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