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WOOPIE Fashionable Kitchen with Water Circulation Burner Light Sound 29 Accessories.

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Fashion Home Kitchen brands Woopie he's all i need the young cook. I 'm going . The little one he can take full advantage of anyone the corner in the kitchen, thank you open and movable elements, such as: oven, tap or clutches from the stove. Many special features will make the child feel like in a real kitchen. A young cook can cook at the burner, which lights and spends sound during cooking, and wash the dishes under tap with real water. I 'm going . The stove is equipped with an imitation the oven with a screen and with buttons, classical clock, table from the menu, the sink, tap, dryer on a plate, surface, machinery for making pulp of fibrous cellulosic material, a shelf for accessories and hooks other, of circular cross-section. I 'm going . A lot foodstuffs, spices and kitchenware eggs, pepper, plates, will make your baby never he never gets tired of cooking it's an ever-increasing variety of food and organizing a feast with friends. I 'm going . Remember, children love to imitate their parents, and role-playing is a great development imaginary and creativity you little shit!


  • - light and sound they mimic cooking on a stove,
  • - circulating sink and tap the real one water,
  • - parts and accessories - open oven, faucet and kitchen turntables,
  • - equipped kitchen m.in.The following: dryer on a plate, hook on a piece, place on spatulas and a shelf for accessories,
  • - a perfect imitation of the real thing: the oven, the sink and a clock,
  • - perfect gift wrapping,
  • - Batteries required: AA (not included).

The kit contains:

  • - the kitchen,
  • - stickers,
  • - a pot with a lid,
  • - french fries,
  • - 3 x plates,
  • - a piece,
  • - two tablespoons of soup,
  • - 2 spatulas,
  • - a glass,
  • - a candy shop,
  • - spices: pepper and salt,
  • - foodstuffs (e.g. milk, maize and shrimp).

Toys of the brand Woopie they have one goal - to make children happy! Among the rich variety, Woopie it includes carnival costumes and costumes for children, but also swingers, foam toys, various garden toys, and much more! Let the fun take you - let the fun take you Woopie!

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