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WOOPIE Cutting Birthday Cake Candles Fruit 40 pcs.

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Birthday cake from a reputable brand Woopie it's a perfect proposal to meet friends. The kit will be the perfect attribute of any little housewife or any little hostess to to throw a memorable party. In the kit, we'll find beautiful decorated cake, which we can cut into 6 pieces and treat your guests. A child can decorate your own cake ideas thanks to the included candles, bunny ornaments and fruit. In the middle of the cake is candle, which after pressing the button it's on fire. With a set like this, the fun won't end!


  • - from 3 years of age,
  • - the kit contains: 40 items
  • - the candle on the cake is lit,
  • - the kit allows own composition and decoration of the cake,
  • - perfect product for group fun,
  • - perfectly matched accessories,
  • - made of very good material.

The kit contains:

  • - a birthday cake (split into 6 pieces),
  • - a cutting knife,
  • - a plate,
  • - a birthday card with wishes,
  • - decorations to decorate.

The toy develops:

  • - and creativity,
  • - the imagination,
  • - manual skills,
  • - the ability to work in a group.

Toys of the brand Woopie they have one goal - to make children happy! Among the rich variety, Woopie it includes carnival costumes and costumes for children, but also swingers, foam toys, various garden toys, and much more! Let the fun take you - let the fun take you Woopie!

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