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WOOPIE Sensory Toy 2in1 Teether Rattle

WOOPIE Sensory Toy 2in1 Teether Rattle

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Sensory toy by brand WOOP contains multiple textures, colours, shapes and functions. I 'm going . It was designed in such a way safe for children without sharp edges and has soft elements that can be used as other. I 'm going . The toy affects development of the senses of touch, sight and hearing. I 'm going . It contains snoring, that might get a kid's attention. On flexible curtains can be moved coloured elements.


  • - a toy from birth,
  • - 2w1 - the bite function and snoring,
  • contains the rattle,
  • - the soft components can be used as the bite,
  • - apart from the ball inside, all the elements are soft,
  • - the study of shapes - have openings/ geometric shapes,
  • - may be used for turning or for throwing,
  • the variety of textures, colors and shapes stimulates the child's senses,
  • -the toy can be washed in the hot water.
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