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WOOPIE Little Doctor Set in a Backpack 18 pcs.

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The Little Doctor in the Bag by brand WOOP let your kid play doctor wherever and whenever he wants. The child dreams of becoming a doctor and loves playing the role of a doctor and playing doctor and patient with friends and family. The kit contains: 18 itemsall the necessary things that every doctor has. The toy performs a function the backpack with the shoulder straps, which will allow take it anywhere the little cook kit. Role playing and imitating the profession develops your child's awareness and stimulates imaginary and creativity.


  • - a toy from 3 years of age,
  • - two and one - a backpack and a doctor's office,
  • - the kit can be taken anywhere, thanks to the function of the backpack,
  • - role playing - the little doctor,
  • - the perfect gift set.

The kit contains:

  • - a syringe,
  • - the thermometer,
  • - a stethoscope,
  • - the mirror,
  • - glasses,
  • - medicines,
  • - band-aids and more.

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