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VIGA PolarB Shop Confectionery Ice Cream Parlor 3in1

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Shop, Confectionery, Ice Cream Parlor 3in1 from the PolarB series is a great gift for small confectioners. The set is perfect for a child who wants to play the role of a seller or a confectioner. Thanks to this toy, the child will feel like a professional candy seller. The toy has many smaller accessories such as lollipops, ice cream, wafers or toppings. The stroller has a shelf that can be opened and put various things in it. The whole thing is painted with non-toxic paints in mild colors that attract the child's attention.


- the set can be used as a pastry shop, ice cream parlor or shop,

- a set ideal for playing the role of a seller,

- the set includes a lot of accessories - ice cream, lollipops, wafers, toppings,

- the stroller is equipped with a small shelf,

- all painted with non-toxic paints,

- the set has a mild color that attracts the child 's attention .

The toy develops:

- creativity,

- the imaginations,

- role-playing skills,

- communication,

- logical thinking.

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