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VIGA Wooden Picnic Set 30 pcs.

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Go with your friends for a cheerful picnic with the Wooden Picnic Set from the VIGA brand . A beautiful basket made of artificial reed is filled with a wooden set of accessories and check fabric. Thanks to the sturdy handles , your child will easily take the whole set with him wherever he goes . Wooden snacks and accessories includedthey will allow you to take your favorite toys, mascots or play a scene with your friend on a picnic. Fun with this set is possible outdoors and at home. Some dishes consist of several parts and are attached with Velcro. Using a wooden knife, the toddler can cut them into pieces, thanks to which he will develop his motor skills. Imitating adults will contribute to the development of social skills .


-a toy from 18 months of age,

- the set consists of 30 elements,

-a basket made of artificial reed,

- dishes and accessories made of wood,

- allows you to play role-play,

- part of the food consists of several elements and can be divided into smaller parts.

The kit consists of:

- artificial reed basket,

- and a red scarf,

- two cups,

- two plates,

- two knives and two forks,

- two sandwiches,

- two wafers,

- two rolls,

- milk,

- the strawberry jam,

- sweetie,

- sponge cake sandwiches (3 pieces),

- bread (3 pieces),

- watermelon (3 pieces),

- two bananas .

VIGA TOYS are beautiful, thoughtful and safe wooden toys. Over 20 years of experience is a guarantee of quality and perfect design. The offer of wooden toys includes: kitchens, accessories, baby walkers, bicycles, educational toys, musical toys, laced toys, arcade toys, flat blocks, spatial blocks, queues and trains, houses and theaters, puzzles, games, mini toys, school supplies and many others.

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