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Children's foam mat puzzle 9el. beige-brown-black 85cm x 85cm x 1cm

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Large foam puzzles with removable animals. They will enable learning the names of animals and colors. Waterproof foam will facilitate cleaning and insulate from cold floor. Interesting colors will fit into any interior. Set includes 9 puzzles. Dimensions of the mat: 85x85x1cm.

Foam puzzle mat for children 9 el. beige-brown-black 85cm x 85cm x 1cm

A few puzzles a huge number of possibilities!

Huge foam puzzles with removable elements in interesting colors, will be a real treat for a toddler learning about the world of shapes and colors.

Together with your little one you will create wonderful constructions from them.

Great fun guaranteed.

What is the biggest advantage of puzzles? The fact that they grow together with the child!

When taking the first steps, the soft foam will cushion all falls and protect the child from bruises on the feet.

Removable elements are perfect for learning shape recognition.

The child will match the patterns to the corresponding holes on the same counters as it is done in traditional sorters.

Vivid colors and interesting shapes will attract the attention of the toddler and will make the fun endless.

Large foam puzzles are a way of creative, engaging play. You can be sure that your child will not have time to get bored.

Playing with puzzles stimulates the child's imagination, encourages logical, out-of-the-box thinking and perfectly develops manual skills.

In addition, the contrasting colors and rough texture will stimulate the toddler's senses of pattern and touch.

Puzzles are very easy to clean- when they get dirty just wipe them with a damp cloth.

The original mat in contrasting colors will be a great decoration of a child's room and will successfully replace a traditional carpet.


Insulate from the cold They cushion falls Easy to clean Waterproof Have removable elements Ability to create 3D shapes Contrasting colors Made of resilient EVA foam Modern Design Excellent decorative element

Set contents:

  • 9 puzzles with removable pieces

Technical data:

  • Number of elements:
  • Plastic: EVA foam
  • Colors : brown, ecru, black
  • Anti-slip surface: YES
  • Waterproof: YES
  • Dimensions of one puzzle: 30cm x 30cm x 1cm
  • Dimensions of the whole mat: 85cm x 85cm x 1cm
  • Package dimensions: 30cm x 30cm x 9cm

Packed in foil.

: KX5209
: 100 Items

Data sheet

9 el.
Puzzle Mat

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