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Foam puzzles children's mat 180x180cm 9 elements gray-cream

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A set of large foam puzzles. They can be used as a protective play mat, rug or exercise mat. Neutral colors will fit into any interior. Set includes: 9 puzzles in three shades (gray-cream). Puzzle dimensions: 60x60x1 cm.


Foam puzzle mats for babies will be a great addition to your little one's room. The foam mats will allow you to create a comfortable play area, separate from the cool floor.

The gray-cream, soft-looking foam mat will encourage your toddler to play and will fit perfectly into any room, regardless of its decor!

Large mat means lots of space for great fun! With its help you can designate a zone where the toddler can mess and scatter toys! The dimension of one element is as large as 60 cm x 60 cm! Which, when using all 9 elements, will allow you to designate a really large area!

Foam puzzles are one-piece, which makes them easy to clean and generally keep clean! A simple product means a lot of possibilities for play - the only limitation will be the imagination of the toddler!

When assembled, the puzzle sets don't take up much space, so you can take them with you when traveling or on a family trip. Soft and safe mat will allow play anywhere!

Durable materials used to create the soft play mat will allow you not to worry about damaging it! Cleaning will also be easy - all you need is a cloth and water with a mild detergent!

The main features of the mat for children:

  • It is ideal as a mat for girls and boys.

  • Foam puzzles for children will fit into the room of any toddler!

  • Foam puzzles are as large as 60 cm x 60 cm!

  • As many as 9 foam puzzles that you can combine in any configuration!

  • The material used will allow easy cleaning and provide great durability!


  • Puzzle: 60 cm x 60 cm x 1 cm

  • Package: 62 cm x 62 cm x 9 cm

The product is packed in a foil package.

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