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Buubla Foldable Potty Iron Grey

Buubla Foldable Potty Iron Grey

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A collapsible and lightweight potty suitable for all ages. The pot is designed for everyday use and travel. The pot folds up very small and is therefore an ideal travel pot.

NB! Don't forget to also order a travel potty bag.

- made of plastic

- does not contain PVC, BPA

- normal washing (water, soap, wet towels, etc.)

- Weight 358g

- patented

- made in Finland

NB! The shell of the pot is made of soft plastic and therefore some soft wrinkles may appear in the soft plastic after squeezing the pot and opening it again. The longer the pot has been together, the more visible the wrinkles may be. Wrinkles will disappear spontaneously (within hours or days) completely or slightly if the pot is left open. However, wrinkles do not affect the properties of the product.

If the pot is not with you on the trip, it is recommended to keep the pot open.

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